Youtube Ads for Local V2.0 Re-Launch. Up to $150 per sale Plus Recurring! Up to 33% Conversions FE
  • I'm showing off the latest version of Adwords (YouTube Ads) and providing a full system on how to offer this as a service to local businesses. (Agencies and Youtube itself is just catching on to this. Timing is perfect!)
  • Why YouTube Ads Now? (TV is being replaced by YT. Audience is younger skewed 13 - 45. Local businesses are losing more sales to online sales each year. They don't have a clue on how to get on YouTube and no one is pitching this to them! You can get them results right away with ads and then upsell Adwords search + YouTube Channel creation all in one. YouTube Ads is the PERFECT lead in to over $10k in sales per local client.)
  • Extremely Valuable Product to Help Consultants, Coaches, Local Marketers Get Clients for Youtube Ads, Adwords, Video Marketing and sell up to $10k packages per client.
  • $27 Front End (75% Comm's) - The core YT Ads for Local training.
  • $49 OTO (50% Comm's) - Running a Local Adwords Agency. How to run an agency; what to charge clients; New changes to the Adwords platform in 2018.
  • $27 OTO (50% Comm's) - Selling and Building a Youtube Channel for Local
  • $27 / Month OTO (25% Comm's) - Monthly Membership to Exclusive Ads program with private content for VIP members only.
  • We currently have 1,050 members and I'm looking to grow it further with an updated sales page and new content for members in October / November.
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Cash In on the Major Shift in Video From TV in 2018
Video + Youtube + Local = Opportunity in 2018 
Why TV Commercials are Dead


Local business owners are spending tens of thousands of dollars with old, tired traditional marketing strategies right now; and they don't even know if it works. 
They have no idea if they drop $10k on a TV commercial or a radio campaign if they will even get a single call.
There's just so much opportunity for you to help them create a video commercial for the internet and for them to pay you anywhere in the range of $1,000 to $5,000 per month to create a simple commercial campaign that literally takes five minutes for you to setup.
You don't need to be an expert to help a business get a video commercial running on the internet.
In fact; you don't need any experience and anyone can do this.
It's insane.
On top of that; NOBODY is selling this in the local marketplace. There's a huge gap and a huge opportunity here for you.
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This is where the money is going to be. Now is the time to grab high paying clients without any overhead and with almost zero work and upkeep.
You don't even need to worry about creating the video commercial or work on the website at all.
It's so easy, that you could get any 8 year old kid to run this and make $50,000 per month while going to school with just a handful of local business clients.
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Spend $30 to Make $40K?

$40K in Profits From Zero in Just Two Months

I'd like to tell you something about Mary.

Mary was struggling to get new clients into her business using traditional sales strategies.

In fact; she was trying to get clients for her business for a couple years with no major success.

Enter Facebook..

Within just a month, she was able to more than triple her business with just a $30 investment on Facebook.

In fact, she brought in $40,000 in sales in the next two months with 3 clients.

How did she do it?

With the Facebook Platform.

Find out here : (Link)

Not only does this method work; it's been completely updated for 2018 to work even better targeting business owners with specific ads that go directly to them.

Best part is that this method only costs $1 per day max to run and can net you multiple thousand dollar per month clients within just days.

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Spend $1 / Day to Make $10k / Month with FB Ads

[New] $1 Day on FB Ads for Massive Exposure?

FB Ads Hitting "Max Load" - Zuckerberg says

Facebook Is Dead (AH!)

Facebook has been hitting "max load". Meaning that prices for ads will increase somewhere around 43% in the next 6 months.

So ; if you are spending $10,000 per month; it may be around $14,300 per month by this summer.

In addition; the recent FB news has shot stocks down and led to some major changes coming to the platform. Limits to audiences and data are incoming to the ads platform.

Should we be worried they are getting too expensive or somehow out of reach for an average person to invest in now?

Does that mean Facebook is dead?

Absolutely not. Facebook is a bidding marketplace. This means that advertisers won't bid higher than they can afford. The good news is that there are 1 million plus advertisers who really don't know how to run ads effectively leaving you with plenty of opportunities (if you have the right training and strategy).

What if I told you, that you only need $1 per day to get leads coming in with a very unique FB Ads strategy?

I haven't seen this anywhere else.

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