"...Huge, under-tapped & powerful -- and right now, cheap..." - Tech Crunch
Discover How I Made $8,452.48 in Sales With One Simple YouTube Ad
And... Everything will Be Revealed Below
I want to walk you through the exact formula I use in my day to day operations to build successful YouTube Ad campaigns from scratch.

This works for almost every niche. Regardless of what you sell.

I zero in on very targeted buyer traffic on YouTube and legally steal the traffic from the creators by putting my ad in front of their YouTube video.

No BS. Just a Simple Process That I've Been Using for the Past Nine Months on YouTube.... And Now.. You Can Too.

It's so easy in fact, that I can show anyone on how to do the same thing. You don't have to be an expert online to do this.

I will show a completely newbie friendly way that myself, colleagues, and clients have been using to make sales online with simple YouTube Ads. It's even working for people who have never sold anything online before!

That's why I'm so excited to offer this to you today:

We have Students with Zero Internet Marketing Success Experience Making their First Sale Online with YouTube Ads!
"Wow. I'm so happy I found this course. I never realized that I could be getting traffic within 24 hours before. I got my first sale after just six hours of running my first YT ad. Still much work to do. Thanks Ryan" - E. Garder,. Dallas, Texas
YouTube Ads Have A Greater Reach then TV Ads, and Are More Effective
There are 1.3 billion people currently using YouTube and the number is expected to double.

Best Part:

Right now, YouTube can deliver you ultra targeted buyer traffic and it's cheap.. because there's ZERO competition compared to Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

This is why people like Tai Lopez have come out of nowhere to create a $20 million per year business. He leveraged just one social media platform heavily... YouTube.

Youtube Ads are much easier to setup than a traditional Google/Bing Ad and simpler than a FB Ad at almost 1/5 the cost.

Why? Simple easy to use platform and much less competition. 

What does this  mean?

It's a perfect playground for newbies to learn and make money with paid ads.

In fact; it is so easy that you only need a few minutes to master how to setup Youtube Ads and I will walk you through the exact process I use to do so.

I've ran millions of dollars in advertising online on almost every platform.

 I know from experience that this is the easiest and best opportunity to get into paid traffic that has existed since the early days of Adwords back in 2002.
This is the closest thing we can get to a gold rush.

Almost any ad that you run on Youtube Ads right now will work!

Why can I say that?

Because they are so darn cheap...

I have never ran an ad to date that was not profitable on Youtube.
I can't say the same on other platforms.

Right now; if you get inside my course; "Youtube Ads Formula", you have the chance to leverage this fairly new traffic source and dominate it even if you are new to paid traffic or even if you have never made any money online to date.

My first sales online ever came on the Adwords platform back in 2009 as an affiliate marketer.

Now, things have changed and it's much harder to do that as a newbie.

However, YouTube Ads has leveled the playing field because no one really is running ads and the majority of people who are using it are really bad at creating video ads and creating offers...

I believe only for the next 24 months or so, we have a window of opportunity almost never seen.

Never again will YouTube traffic be so available and cheap as more and more people will catch on.. regardless if they see this page or not.

The only thing we can do as smart marketers is identify a trend and... take MASSIVE action by taking advantage of this huge opportunity.

YouTube has Over 1.4 Billion Users
YouTube Size
1.4 billion users each month are using YouTube for over 22 minutes per day.


- To get answers to their questions.
- For entertainment.
- For education.
- To follow their favorite creators and brands.

Just like with Google PPC, YouTube is now the second largest search engine for information.

This means that you can place a laser targeted video ad right in front of buyer traffic without the high cost of traditional Google PPC.

This is a game changer for all online advertisers.. yet still, almost no one is using it to the full.

However; most don't have the budget to afford the prices of traditional TV ads. Even if they did; they aren't really ready to be filmed and put on camera.

On top of that, TV has no way to really track the results and most local businesses don't have an idea on how to track them.

You could start today by offering many different services for both a one time and monthly fee.

You could go the traditional way to help these local businesses with a bunch of services, but frankly; it's overwhelming for you and the client.

Talk about learning curve for you and the headache you will run into offering 10+ services to local businesses who may not understand any of what you have to offer.

Let's simplify the game; and offer just one service.

An online commercial for their business!

You take care of everything for them; and they get to be seen to their local audience with a real commercial without the cost and lack of results of TV Ads.

Even if you don't have the experience to do these, that's okay. You can completely get any of this work outsourced and fulfilled, after payment, using some of our simple strategies.

I teach you on how to do all of this.

You can also start targeting some of the most competitive and lucrative niches who are thirsty for an expert like you to show them your expertise.

Here's just some of the things that can be sold with YouTube Ads:
  • E-Commerce
  • Consulting / Coaching
  • Local Businesses
  • Digital / Info Products
  • Affiliate / CPA Marketing
  • Webinars / Auto Webinars

How Do YouTube Ads Work?
Step 1: Find a Product Offer.

Step 2: Setup Your YouTube Ad with Google Ads

Step 3: Target the 1.4 billion buyers on YouTube
Get Paid On Any Network & in Any Niche (Real Income Proofs using YouTube Ads)
Warrior Plus:
JV Zoo using YouTube Ads
Click Bank using YouTube Ads
Shopify (E-Comm) Using YouTube Ads
Does This Really Work?
If you remember, I sold a course called FB Ads Formula back in 2015 - 2017 while Facebook Ads were really hot. 

We helped over 3,000 students and 50 clients grow their businesses with FB Ads while it was very cheap and easy to use.

In 2019, things have changed. FB Ads still work great, but it's not nearly as newbie friendly and not nearly as cheap. So, that's why I'm putting together the next chapter and I want to bring you along for the ride.

I always follow what works and what is the hottest trend in online marketing. So, you are now at the perfect time to take advantage of the next one.

At this point, the only real question is does it work like I say?

I've ran over $1,000,000 in paid traffic and already helped 3,000 customers in a previous YouTube Ads program and I have worked with over 40 personal clients to achieve success for them.

I think it's your turn to get these results too.

I wouldn't bring this to your attention today if I didn't think it worked.

In fact; I think this is the best thing any newbie online marketer or seasoned professional can do right now in 2019 to grow their business.

However, if you are someone that never ran a Youtube Ad before, don't worry.

The majority of our students never did before either.

And this strategy in particular is much easier for a beginner than anything I've ever shared.

There's no skills required to run a simple Youtube Ad; you just need to follow my step by step video training for simple instructions on how to setup an ad. I think you will be surprised with just how easy the process is.

Youtube will do the rest for you.

In fact; you don't need to be an expert with video; Adwords; Youtube; or have any sales experience to make this work.

Even better; I will show you how I make killer video ads for YouTube in just five minutes with free software that anyone can use.
Here's What You Get:
Here's What You Will Discover:
  •  How to Find the Best Converting Offers that work with YouTube.
  •  How to Setup Your First YouTube Ads Account & Get $75-$100 Credit FREE
  •  How to Get Your First Sale with YouTube Ads
  •  How to Sell Your Own Products / Services
  •  How to Setup Your First YouTube Ads
  •  How to Make $100 / Day with YouTube Ads.. Even if you Don't Have Your Own Products.
  •  How to Setup the Perfect YouTube Ad (Follow These Four Things that Make Up the Perfect Ad)
  •  Avoid the Five Reasons Why Most People's YouTube Ads Fail
  •  Find Out How We Laser Target Buyer Traffic on YouTube Ads with 3 specific methods.
  •  Find Out What Software We Use to Get Hundred's of Videos on YouTube displaying our Ads at just 10% the cost of FB Ads..
  •  How to Create the Video Ads with Free Software
  •  How to Create your Video Ad even without being on camera
  •  How to Create your Video Ad with any phone or camera
  •  How to Sell Your Info-products, Webinars, Auto Webinars, Services, ,E commerce Stores, Affiliate Offers, Coaching/Consulting Programs
  •  How to Build a Powerful Funnel for YouTube Ads that Converts with an ROI of 2-4x. We have this down to a science after creating over 40 funnels in multiple niches.
  •  How to Scale Your YouTube Ads for Just $5 per day to $100 / day and remain profitable.
  •  How to Scale Your YouTube Ads to $10k-$100k per month and build massive branding, sales, and tracking and become a social media rock-star like Tai Lopez or Billy Gene.
  •  How You Can Just Use One Traffic Source.. YouTube Ads.. To Scale Any Business to 7 Figures per Year with Real Case Studies, Video Ad Reviews, and Funnel Analysis.
  •  You Will Get Access to a Full Rolodex of YouTube Ads and Reviews of the Top YouTube Ads Ever Created
  •  The Course isn't just for beginners... You Get Access to how to Improve Your ROI with many of the Advanced Strategies Used by the Best Marketers in the World such as Neil Patel, Russel Brunson, Alex Becker, Billy Gene, Tai Lopez, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, and the "ad guys" behind their success.
  •  The core training is brought to you by the best YouTube Advertisers on the planet who have combined for over $30 million on ad spend. We break down everything for you into what works no matter what you are selling.
  •  You Get Free VIP Access to Our Private Facebook Group, Trello Mastermind, and YouTube Ad buyers free Facebook Groups. (Value $1,000)
  •  You Get Free Lifetime Updates in the Members Area and Via Our Own YouTube Channel. This is Our Main "Flagship" program and we will continue to add new Case Studies, Live Trainings, Q&A Events, Podcasts, Live Streams, and New Videos. (Value $1,000)
Total Value to Get Access to ALL of This?

You decide on the price. Think about a fair price.

I have clients paying me thousands to get access to me for this same exact information that I'm releasing to you today.

I'll make a bet.

I can bet you that I've priced this offer so low, you will start questioning why.

I could charge $1,000 for this and it would still be worth the price of admission. I'll even throw in unlimited updates to the content, ongoing live trainings, a FB group, and Q&A videos after your purchase. All 100% Free.

Now, let's talk about results....

Even if you do just half of what is advertised here and get just one sale per day with YouTube. That could be an extra $1,000 - $2,000 per month for you.

Even if you do just 1/10 of the results seen above...

How would that change your life?

Even if it is just an extra $500 per month from a little YouTube campaign that you setup one time from a little course you bought on the internet.

Remember, anyone can do this. You don't need a degree, a certificate, or any kind of specialized training.

YouTube Ads is available anywhere. You can do this anywhere in the world. In fact, I run my business as I travel as a "digital nomad" and I'm traveling to 25 countries in the next five years.

Today; for a limited time - you can get in for practically nothing. Not even $97. Today; it's yours for just :
"I've seen a huge opportunity with Youtube Ads for a while; but it wasn't until I picked up this course did I finally put it all together! This course gave me the blueprint and the motivation to finally get off the sidelines and take action. Setting up my first campaign this week!" - S. Paulson, Tampa, Florida.
YT Ads Formula
"The training has been immensely eye-opening to the amount of opportunity there is with Youtube Ads" - V. Sheth
"I made my first sale online thanks to YouTube Ads Formula. It was simple to follow and it only took me 2 days. I'm sitting here in the cafe right now ordering a coffee with my profits and doubling down my efforts to hit $100 / day. Thanks Ryan!" - E. Garder, Toms River, New Jersey
PS. Follow our proven step by step YT Ads Formula training inside and stay committed to it for the next 30 days and I will be able to help you get sales for any product that you plan to sell. If you don't have a product; I'll show you how to find one in 5 minutes as an affiliate.

PPS. If you don’t get access to this today and leave, you risk missing out on the wave of very cheap YouTube traffic that will only be with us for a short time. In just two years, everyone will be using this platform and the results newbies are getting may be gone...

PPPS. Results vary greatly from person to person. I have customers who go on to make 6 and 7 figures per year; however, the majority do not take action. Grab the program today and I'll be your biggest cheerleader and support you via our free FB group.

To Your Success,

Ryan Shaw
Get Youtube Ads Formula - No Risk
Here's Why You Should Give It A Try
If you are new to YouTube Ads or a seasoned professional, this is for you.
We're so confident you will love our training that we're offering you a 30-day trial period.

We only have a 2% refund rate on all of our previous products with over 22,000 sales and put in a lot of work & value to our programs. So go ahead! You are just one email away from a refund at any time. 

To get a refund we require that you have tried and completed the course material and taken action to try the course.
Try for 30 Days  Risk Free
How is this different from YT Ads For Local?
Short answer: YT Ads for Local shows how to build a local marketing agency and sell YT Ads. This course teaches you how to create YT Ads online for yourself and make money with your own products or affiliate offers with over five hours of unique video training.
How is this course delivered?
YT Ads Formula is over five hours of video content delivered in one members area in 100% YouTube video content. We also will have unannounced bonus content added once you join. See you on the inside!
Do I need prior Google Ads experience?
Nope, you don't need any Google Ads skills. In the beginning of the course I will bring everyone on the same page before we accelerate the pace and get into the "good stuff".
Are Google Ads more expensive than Facebook Ads?
That's a very common misconception. Google Ads tend to have a similar CPC or around 20-40% cheaper while at the same time having a much higher conversion rate. Bottom line: very often YouTube Ads are much more profitable and easier to to get approved than Facebook Ads currently.
What budget do I need?
The more the better. But I recommend to always have a minimum of $5 per day to spend on ads. This is to learn from your ads and actually make Google's Machine Learning work for you. The more you are able to spend the quicker you will see results of course.
Do you cover more advanced stuff, too?
Absolutely. This course is not about teaching you the basics and then leaving you alone.  While I'm covering the fundamentals to bring everyone on the same page, this course contains information on how to scale your YouTube ads to $100k per month and more with e-commerce, webinars, auto-webinars, funnels, and advanced tracking strategies.
Do you show me how to find good products to sell?
Yes, I show you how to find good products as an affiliate marketer as well as how to find (and own) a niche. Can't find good products? You will learn it in here!
Will this course be updated?
Yep! You get lifetime updates with your purchase so you don't have to pay more when new videos are added. I'm constantly adding new modules and videos since this is our main product and focus. We are running YT Ad campaigns for ourselves and many clients and will share with you all our new stuff completely for free.

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