Introducing the Unique & Innovative Software Platform to List Build RIGHT on Facebook
Send Unlimited Messages to Your Prospects for Free Right on Facebook with 90%+ Open Rates
There Is Nothing Like This for List Building
Email Marketing is already so much harder than 10 years ago.

Remember when famous Internet Marketers like Frank Kern would easily build massive email lists and make millions with 50% open rates?

Well, those days are gone. And so are naive online users. Your audience has gotten smarter and tired of all the "junk" emails they are getting.

Now, Gmail has the "promotions" tab.

Now, if you can get just a few people to open your emails, you are doing better than 99% of marketers online.

It's just not easy anymore...

We decided to fight back and innovate.

Our goal was to get :

- Much Better Open Rates
- Better Engagement
- More Sales

The average person today receives over 174 emails per day in their standard email account.

The average marketer is experiencing right now a drop in email opens every single day of the year. People are just tired of seeing a full email box full of "junk".

However, the average person on Facebook only receives 1 or 2 messages per day..

Do you see where we are going with this???

The Facebook inbox remains untouched by marketers leaving us a huge o

We knew we were tapping into massive potential and something that no one was talking about.

If one method to broadcast your message gets watered down, you must simply reach your audience using a newer and more innovative approach to stay ahead of the curve.

Enter : FB Auto Connect Pro

FB Auto Connect Pro is a fully featured, instant notification/email system that is guaranteed to get your message in front of your prospects, on the most widely used social media website on the planet...


That's why FB Auto Connect Pro is just so powerful. You no longer have to compete with close to 200 other messages per day for attention.

In fact, you will likely be the only kid on the block cool enough to have software that sends unlimited messages through Facebook.

With a single click you can collect your subscriber’s REAL email address, their full name, date of birth, gender and country of origin. 

Imagine what you can do with this information.  

How about sending out an offer to just females who live in the USA and at the same time, sending a separate offer to just the males on that same list who live in California only?

You can with FB Auto-Connect Pro.

In fact, it's easier & more powerful than most standard auto responders and you can send unlimited messages without any fees per month. (I paid Aweber over $10,000 to date...)
...Unlimited Messages Direct To People's FB Notifications + Their REAL, Most-Used Inbox.
We Beat Aweber
  • No Double Opt-In Hassles
  • No Messages go to Spam or "Promotions" Folder
  • One Click Subscription
  • Embed Codes Provided
  • Add Opt-in Link Direct On FB Fan Page
  • Add Your Own Subscription Button
  • UNLIMITED Messages Every Month for FREE
Amazing Advanced Options
  • First Target Your List By Gender, Location Or Both
  • Send Offers Direct To Their Facebook Inbox
  • Post A Message Direct To Their Newsfeed Wall
  • Auto-Sync Your Leads with Your Favorite Autoresponders
  • Collects Email Address, Name, Gender, D.O.B & Country Of Origin
  • Works with all HTML or Page Builders such as Wordpress, Click Funnels, Optimize Press, and Lead Pages
"By Far, The Fastest, Easiest, and
Most Effective Way of
Building A Responsive Subscriber List.
"I highly recommend you don't get this and leave me the spoils :-)

Seriously though, very nice app, simple to use, very easy to understand setup instructions and simple to use. So much so, that you really don't need the instructions - once it's installed, all is self-explanatory."

-Stewart Alexander
"FB Auto Connect Pro is truly one of the most innovative products I've seen... EVER (and I've been running an online business since 1998). It's versatile, it's powerful, and it is ESSENTIAL if you want to get your message in front of your target audience. Grab this now, and then USE it!"

-Holly Cotter
The Money Is In The Follow Up
Just like any Autoresponder you have used, you can send followup messages to all of your lists.
You can set the period of time after the first message and what type of message you want to send.
Send the follow up message as either a Notification, post to your prospects news-feed, or simply send an email, its up to you.
Prospect Re-Targeting

With FB Auto-Connect Pro you can build your list and re-target those who don’t buy right away with a Facebook ad. 

Simple export your prospect Facebook ID, upload as a custom audience to Facebook and create an ad that follows them around where ever they go on Facebook.

How is that for laser targeting?

Unlimited Niche Apps

Create as many niche Facebook Apps (lists) as you like.

When you send a Facebook notification, the app image will match the topic your prospect has just subscribed too.

Sub-User/Client Access

With FB Auto-Connect Pro, you can create as many lists as you like and assign FB Apps to those lists.

Then you can allow your clients access to their list where they can do all the sending and scheduling of notifications to their list. (and optionally emails as well)

Within your Admin Panel, you have full control over your clients. You can allow or revoke access to any list at any time.

Integrate With Your Favorite Autoresponders
Features Overview:
  • Fully Featured AutoResponder / Messaging System
  • Create Unlimited Lists
  • One Click Sign Up
  • Use Your Own Subscription Button
  • Embed Sign Up Link Directly Into Youtube Video / FB Fan Pages
  • Laser Target List By Gender, Location Or Both
  • Send Message To FB Inbox, Newsfeed Or Personal Email Address
  • Up To 60 Follow Up Messages On Autopilot
  • List Profiling
  • Full Mobile Version
  • Full Set Of How To Videos & Tips
  • Send UNLIMITED Messages Every Month FREE
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Free Updates Lifetime
See how it works for yourself!
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...After Just 3 Weeks

After changing over from Aweber to FB Auto-Connect Pro I generated 4,475 new subscribers in just three weeks.

Unlimited Ways to Make Bank with This Software
  • Create a list of subscribers for any affiliate offers – I use Youtube & Facebook to generate traffic through a squeeze page. I offer a FREE report/ebook to get them onto my list, I then use the auto-responders to follow up until they purchase.
  • Rent to offline clients – I have a number of restaurants that I rent the script to. I set up a Facebook app, add their business icon to the app so when they send a message their icon shows up in the message. This is a great way to build a residual income from your client’s while letting them control their own list
  • Become a mini Groupon – There are hundreds of thousands of businesses offering special deals through Groupon to generate new business, the problem is they don’t know what to do with these new customers once they have them. Most local businesses would just let them walk away after they have used their coupon, why not educate them in how to build a mailing list with FB Auto-connect Pro?
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Here's Why You Should Give It A Try
Facebook Auto Connect Pro is the Best Way to Get the Most Results with List Building. 90% Open Rates and Unlimited Emails.
It's super simple to use, requires NO special skills, and can be setup and mastered in minutes.
We're so confident you will love our software that we're offering you a 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee... so get your hands on it today and start building your list!

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