Tap Into Facebook's Free Traffic on Auto-Pilot
 Build Unlimited Traffic from as Many Fan Pages as You Like. Our Software Does the Work.
Using Facebook Auto Post Pro Frees Up Hours Per Week & Drive Free Traffic from Facebook 24/7. Just Set & Forget.

Automatically Find Relevant Viral Content

Other software may schedule posts, but you still have to find and create each and every post yourself. FB Auto Post Pro is the only software that does both by using a unique algorithm to find the best relevant content for your Fanpage automatically.

Five Minute Setup

This works on any computer with an internet connection. You just need a Facebook account to get started.

Automatically Monetizes Posts

You can create ads & schedule them ongoing for T-shirts, CPA offers, squeeze pages, affiliate products, your own products, whatever you'd like to go along with your engaging content...

Facebook Terms Of Service Approved

We’ve worked hard to ensure for several months that FB Auto Post Pro follows ALL Facebook rules and regulations so you never have to worry about it.

Automatically Schedule & Post Content For You

Stop taking hours out of your week to schedule posts. FB Auto Post Pro is the only software in existence that’s tailored for busy (or just plain lazy) marketers who want their Facebook Fanpages to run on autopilot.

Real Ongoing Support & Updates

We already have a customer base using this. This IS NOT beta software or a plugin. This is web based and updated constantly to provide the best product & added features. As Facebook changes, we change. We are currently on Version 3.0 with more upgrades planned free for you.
Automate Your Facebook Marketing
Q: Would you like make money on Facebook without spending a ton in advertising?

FB Auto Post Pro can start doing this for you by automatically posting viral content, promotions, affiliate links, and so much more.

Q: Do you have dead Facebook fan pages?

FB Auto Post Pro can revive dead fan pages by posting viral and relevant content that your fans will like and share.

Q: Do you have Facebook pages that aren't making money?

FB Auto Post Pro can post affiliate links, promotions you decide and more as much or as little as you like. You set the schedule.
Q: Would you like an autopilot revenue-generating machine?

FB Auto Post Pro can post for you 365/24/7 by curating other content on Facebook, other content on the web, RSS feeds, viral content, your own content, and so much more.

"There's a lot of great applications with this software. The ability to add and repurpose content over and over again while at the same time curating and posting content from within the software is a HUGE PLUS! I have purchased other softwares that don't curate as quickly. Keith and his team create QUALITY software with a BUNCH of great features!".

- Danny Fortes

"I've purchased multiple software solutions from Keith over the years. He consistently develops top-notch software that either streamlines the marketing process or gives you an advantage over your competition . . . or both. Whenever I'm looking for a solution, I always go to Keith first. Why? His software is reasonably priced and it ALWAYS performs exactly as promised. Because of this, I highly and enthusiastically recommend Keith to my fellow marketers."

- Holly Cotter

"What I most like about Fb Autopost Pro is all the different content sources at your disposal. Curated content from other Facebook pages, Youtube videos and images too are the best ways to keep my fans engaged and that's exactly what FB Auto Post pro does. You simply add the different content sources into one big list, create a campaign and you can let it run for months WITHOUT ever touching it. This is crazy cool and definitely a tool you want in your Facebook arsenal."

- Stefan Seal

“I've been getting thousands of visitors from my Facebook assets every month. Anything you can do to create additional ways to automate your social media marketing, the more time and money you have. This software that you have access to has saved us countless hours in content creation & given us access to all the best viral content on Facebook.”

-Ryan Shaw
Watch The Demo
Smart 5-minute Setup
FB Auto Post Pro guides you through the setup. This software is so easy to use that you may only need the overview to get up and banking. But if you want more detailed tutorials, those are at your disposal as well!
Quickly Configure Your Offers One Time
Setup headlines, Images, and Redirect URLs for any offer you'd like.
You can even determine if your offers go out with every post, every 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc.

Comfortably ride the edge between monetization and keeping your list happy with you.
Advanced High Quality Content Curation In Minutes
Search, preview, and choose the high quality content from multiple sources. In minutes!
Yes! Multiple Content Feeds Can Be Used
Create different types of Feeds and swirl them together to keep things interesting!
Multiple Content Types - Rich Media To Keep Your People Engaged
Curate from other Facebook feeds, YouTube, Bing Images, Custom URLs.
Just tick the boxes
What sets FB Auto Post Pro apart is effectively mixing the power of YOUR keen eye with the speed of automation.
No copy/pasting links, keeping track of content or release schedules.
Easy Content Drip To The Newsfeed
Pull the trigger, and never lift a finger again for weeks or months!
True high quality content that YOU and other real people would actually engage will now be released to your desire, coupled with the offers you want people to click on.
Even Loop Your Content Release Schedule!
You can even set your content drip to loop if you wish. This is powerful.
If you’re tired of seeing other people cash in $10,000+/month all from Facebook Fanpages, and want to see that type of money hit YOUR bank account, grab FB Auto Post Pro right now.

It does things no other software can do. 

You’re minutes away from having all of that fire-power work for you, to boost your sales, build your lists, and pocket your commissions, automatically, running for you 24/7/365 so you can focus on the more important things.
FB Auto Post Pro Unlimited:  $47/Month Retail Value
FB Pixel Pro Retargeting Software:  $47 Retail Value 
Social Redirect Pro:  $67 Retail Value  
Total Retail Value: $678.00
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Pages
  • One Investment For Life
BONUS #1: FB Pixel Pro

With FB Pixel Pro, retargeting on Facebook will never be easier. Take advantage of the massive ROI boosts retargeting is known to bring with just 4-5 minutes of “work”. Create your retargeting links with FB Pixel Pro to ensure your traffic gets cookied by you AND retargeted by you with no extra effort or expense on your part.

Retail Price: $47.00

Yours FREE Right Now.

Bonus #2: Social Redirect Pro

Social Redirect Pro will syphon hoards of free social media traffic and send them wherever you want. With the ability to create clickable images on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, you’ll send traffic directly to your affiliate links, squeeze pages, sales pages, and more – without any barriers or extra steps in the way.

Retail Price: $67.00

Yours FREE Right Now.

Upgrade your order with FB Auto Post Pro + Bonuses for 30 Days Risk Free
Here's Why You Should Give It A Try
If you need fast, relevant, high-quality content posted to your Fanpages - all monetized on autopilot the way YOU desire - than you'll love FB Auto Post Pro.

It's super simple to use, requires NO special skills, and can be setup and mastered in minutes.

We're so confident you will love FB Auto Post Pro that we're offering you a 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee... so get your hands on it today and start making cruise control cash money!

"What I most like about Fb Autopost Pro is all the different content sources at your disposal. Curated content from other Facebook pages, Youtube videos and images too are the best ways to keep my fans engaged and that's exactly what FB Auto Post pro does. You simply add the different content sources into one big list, create a campaign and you can let it run for months WITHOUT ever touching it. This is crazy cool and definitely a tool you want in your Facebook arsenal." - Stefan Seal

Compatible with PC & Mac?
Yes both! Since this software is accessed through our website, you do not need to download anything. This will work on any device or platform in the world!
Which Browsers?
FB Auto Post Pro is designed to work great in all popular and legitimate web browsers including: FireFox, Chrome, Safari
Ease of Use + Training?
Ease of use is our #1 priority with all tools we create. FB Auto Post Pro takes 5 minutes to setup. There is nothing to install on your end, just create your account and connect with your Facebook app. We provide a "smart" checklist in your FBAPP dashboard to guide you through the setup. It automatically recognizes which steps you have completed successfully and turns those checklist items green upon completion. As for configuring the content and monetization itself, simply search with your relevant keywords, tick the boxes on the content you'd like posted to YOUR fanpages, determine the offers/affiliate links you'd like to go along with the content, set the release schedule, and you're set. If you haven't already, please watch the demo video above to see exactly how it works. This software is ALREADY functional in live applications, and we show you that in the video (not just a bunch of doctored screenshots like some products you've encountered). Ontop of that, you get extensive training videos as well as unlimited email support. 
Recurring Payment Subscription?
NO, not when you upgrade on this page now. See our public price is offered at $47/month, so when you take advantage of the instant one-click upgrade today, then you will only be paying a ONE TIME investment of $67.
Can I Use This for my Clients?
Yes! You can use it for as many clients as you like and charge whatever you like for setting those clients up using our software. We recommend a minimum of $500 per month.
Can I Use This for more than one fan page?
Yes! You only need to buy one license and you can manage as many fanpages as you like.
Do I need 3rd party software in addition to this?
No! This gives you a complete Facebook marketing business in a box solution.
Is this Facebook TOS Compliant?
You can compare us to Facebook posting applications like Buffer and Hootsuite. Not only are we 100% TOS compliant, we provide a solution that Facebook wants their users to use. We have the ability to take sharable content from Facebook and the web, repurpose it for our own marketing, create fresh content, and much more. All of which Facebook loves.

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